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The industrial ecosystem is changing rapidly and engineering cycles are getting shorter. We provide to the technical expertise required to support the entire product development life cycle : IoT, embedded systems, green and smart engineering.

Systems Engineering

Industry production cycles have evolved considerably, with simulation and prototyping now as an absolute essential. Starting from the design stage right through to manufacturing, maintenance, logistics and recycling.

We provide end-to-end services across the entire engineering chain, either to support specific phases or to provide additional expertise in order to better control requirements every step of the way.



Embedded & Secured systems

Manufacturers and OEMs rely on electronic components and software that can easily integrate with their existing products – meeting performance, reliability and certification requirements.

We have a range of experience in engineering embedded and critical systems for clients, combining hardware and software options to develop zero-fault, compliant, certifiable components.

Connected Systems & IOT

Connected objects and equipments are integrated into an IoT chain that must function perfectly. This implies  flawless connectivity and security, data acquisition and processing in real time, and truly efficient applications.

We bring global expertise across businesses and industries to help you making the most of IoT.  It brings opportunities by delivering highly effective, reliable and secure IoT systems.

Green & Smart engineering

At the time of the COP26 event, all industry sectors committed to decarbonising our energy sources, improving energy performance and recycling more. Everything must be reviewed and improved, including materials, processes, environmental management, safety and risk prevention, as well as the infrastructure and installations themselves.

We support companies with specialised services and cutting-edge expertise in all of these areas so you can focus on running your core business.