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At the cutting edge of innovation, TAGH offers extensive technological support to all of the major European players within the sector, whether with regard to electronic or embedded systems, industrial applications or cyber defense.

Our vision of the sector.

2022’s geopolitical context remains unstable and dangerous, whether we’re talking about overseas military operations, the war in Ukraine that could lead European countries into a conflict between two major blocks, or even high-intensity combat.

At the same time, France and its partners are already engaged in a defensive and intangible hybrid war. Today, European countries, like other nations, must step up their efforts in terms of military capabilities.

As a result, the European defence market is particularly dynamic, largely thanks to its Defence Technological and Industrial Base.

As part of this first European army, France is now reassessing its military programming law in order to acquire conventional equipment and emerging combat capabilities such as in the cyber or space sectors. Likewise, Germany has allocated a budget of €100 billion to equip its armed forces.

Consequently, technological innovation is proving crucial, with the entire market benefitting from incredible economic opportunities, as witnessed by France’s 2021 export figures which saw record sales.

“The defense sector has always been at the forefront of technological innovation to ensure operational military superiority . Future increasingly connected technological advances will equip our future hardware to form a multi-domain combat cloud. “

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