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With its 360° offering in the area of digital solutions and engineering, We are joining forces with players within the healthcare sector, in order to improve their operational efficiency and develop the medical systems of the future.

Our vision of the sector.

After dominating the news for two years, health remains a public concern. European and state policies must combine short-term actions with solid commitments for the coming years. The EU4health programme, which is due to last until 2027, is at the forefront. 

The first priority is access to care and the modernisation of the hospital environment. Ongoing digitisation must be stepped up and made more widespread, particularly concerning remote medical consultations. 

For example, with the Covid pandemic, France’s Doctolib platform has proved that delegation of support functions to the private sector is an efficient solution. 

On the pharmaceutical side, the essential role of R&D is more important than ever. The use of digital tools, coupled with advanced design and simulation systems, makes it possible to drastically reduce the time taken to design and market innovative medicines and vaccines while at the same time making analyses and testing safer to produce better quality products.

A new generation of specialised biotech and industrial software that integrates AI is now driving progress. The entire health sector is advancing and will continue to grow.

” The European Union’s health policy seeks first and foremost to protect and improve health by promoting healthy lifestyles. Secondly, it seeks to guarantee citizens and residents access to safe, quality health care, with modern and innovative systems, and above all, coordinate responses to serious health threats.”

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