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We believe in the power of technology. We believe in tech with personality.


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Our manifesto

Imagining and building innovative solutions that fit the most challenging companies, it’s what we love to do. But the most important aspect working in a company is the passionate people you meet along the way.

Audience Targeting

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Seamless Integration

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Revenue Multiplier

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Advanced Reporting

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Working with able and stable organisations.

TAGH’s personality comes from our human touch. Our people are involved and engaged in finding the best technological solutions together with clients. We nurture close relationships both with clients and in our expert teams.

…and many more

Personality means having the creativity to combine consulting, engineering and digital minds, using our international resources for high value-added solutions

our ambition

Be a trusted partner to our clients helping them shape their future through borderless application of innovative technological solutions.

Be passionate about providing outstanding opportunities for highly skilled people.

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