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We are highly involved in the activities of energy producers and operators, in order to contribute to developing their installations, their infrastructures, and their services.

Our vision of the sector.

In the coming years, consumer needs will rocket, while at the same time, we must strive for much more responsible energy production.

The main challenge is decarbonisation, which is helped by nuclear power but requires developing cleaner, more renewable energy.

Secondly, energy independence is becoming a major geopolitical issue, with Europe needing to reassess where it gets its energy and raw materials. Consumption patterns are also evolving, with unprecedented problems arising from battery recharging and energy storage.

What’s more, a proliferation in micro-production is creating more development opportunities with the use of multidirectional networks.

Finally, nuclear power will continue to grow in the long term, thanks to the partial renewal of the nuclear energy fleet, the arrival of new types of reactors and an increase in issues related to decommissioning plants. As for renewal energy, R&D initiatives established a few years ago are also quickly moving forward. The Oil & Gas sectors need to be stabilised, with the gas sector making up for the oil sector.

“Energy is a promising sector with a bright future, as it brings together the key issues regarding our civilization’s future development. We must strive towards more responsible energy if we want our world to be liveable in 200 years.”

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