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In a world that is constantly in flux, our consulting business focuses on your most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, business & processes, enterprise architecture, agility and cybersecurity.

Our expertise include

Strategy & transformation consulting.

Today’s businesses need to be innovative and agile in order to stay relevant and profitable in the face of new competitors and market disruptors. This requires a focus on enhancing current product and service offerings while developing long-term strategies to secure the future, such as a digital transformation project. 

At TAGH, we help our clients accelerate this evolution by deploying the right technologies and guiding organisations to develop a “digital mindset”.

Business consulting & process optimization.

More than ever, companies are looking to maximise operational efficiency so they can develop and grow their activities into new markets. New, user-centric business models require streamlined and automated processes that take advantage of the efficiencies afforded by the latest technologies. 

Our consultants combine vision and expertise to help organisations become more efficient and agile to better serve their customers.

Enterprise architecture.

Technology governance is not an option for companies. Aligning organisational objectives, processes and IT infrastructure is critical for success – particularly with regard to the availability and relevance of data and content.

We help companies audit, develop and manage their digital assets for optimal outputs to better support business-critical activities.


Cybersecurity is a non-negotiable strategic priority for all modern businesses. Good governance of your technological solutions helps with oversight, regulation compliancy, protection measures and response times in the event of an attack. 

We have developed cybersecurity services that specifically address these issues of prevention, timely detection and responsiveness.

Agile consulting.

Agility is becoming a core value for companies looking to the future. Adapting to changes, improving communication and collaboration protocols as well as a phased approach to product development are all critical elements for success. Transforming your organisation to an agile way of working requires a radical overhaul of tools, methods and mindsets. 

We supports organisations in their evolution towards a completely agile way of working in a way that scales and generates value.