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Our practice AI & BigData solutions provides clients its expertise in the data chain, advanced analysis applications, and in building intelligent systems capable of learning and adapting.

welcome to the data era

Data, AI and RPA have become one of the great drivers of technology in the 21st century and especially in recent years. Data Quality is data that effectively teaches the AI what you want it to learn, but it also increases the ease of process automation by RPA. We strongly believe that AI can dramatically improve the world around us - but like everything - it needs to be built well to live up to its potential and promise. Data Quality is the key to success.
Today, data has become a major resource for the economic and competitive development of companies. A vast technological ecosystem has been developed to build, store and exploit large sets of heterogeneous, mass-generated data. The possibilities of use seem almost unlimited: customer knowledge, process optimization, service innovation, predictive maintenance, etc. In all sectors, the race to make the most of data is underway, causing business models and consumption habits to evolve at high speed, with a number of new organizational, legal (GDPR, medical data), and technological challenges. This explosion of data also fosters the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies that use very large volumes of data to produce real-time analyses, classify or recognize complex configurations and patterns. AI now provides high-performance tools for decision making or task automation, with a very wide range of applications: computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), knowledge management, detection, identification, diagnosis, etc.

We offer personalized support with the aim of analyzing existing solutions and assessing customer challenges in order to shape the future.

We help you implement intelligent solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of processes, to do things better, faster and cheaper with an ethical and responsible approach.

Throughout the algorithm development cycle, our experts apply best practices and take into account the project environment to ensure proper production.

We help you implement your data management strategy and industrialize your models. Establishment of organization for data management.

Technique Africa  brings you its expertise to define the technical framework and the evaluation of the relevance of the cloud in your context.

In order to facilitate the use and access to your data while optimizing the processing and analysis cycle, our teams apply the DataOps methodology throughout the project from data pre-processing to reporting.

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