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” Mobility is in the midst of a technological revolution. The vehicle of tomorrow will be autonomous, connected, and electric – these three factors alone summarise the major challenges for the future, whether we’re talking about automobiles, rail travel, or all means of transport in general. “

Our vision of the sector

The mobility sector is in somewhat difficulty: the Covid crisis caused a drop in new car sales while there was a shortage of electronic components. However, current technological breakthroughs call for significant changes in the ecosystem and engineering. Major market players, manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, operators, and public authorities have made massive investments to promote alternative mobility, such as all-electric and sustainable solutions. 

Usage is also changing, with rail travel taking precedence over air travel for short trips, more carpooling, using a bike or scooter instead of a car for urban travel… 

Innovation is at the forefront, with the emergence of new additional end-user services, designed to help travellers from start to finish, optimise their journeys, and automate ancillary services as much as possible, from parking reservations to rentals, payments, ticket purchases, temporary insurance policies, etc. Equipment is increasingly smart, for example, digital car keys activated by smartphone apps. Today, the entire mobility sector is becoming digitalised and ultra-connected, and we are just at the beginning of this tech revolution.

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