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Our practice DevOPS & cloud solutions provides our customers with the practices and tools they need to make their IT infrastructure more agile, flexible, scalable and secure.

Technique Alliance Group Holdings supports you in the cloud.
Cloud computing is increasingly becoming the new normal and helping companies to cope with future problems such as managing big data, cyber-security and quality control. In addition to this, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, distributed ledger technology, and many other capabilities are becoming available as services through cloud computing.
The transformation to the cloud responds to issues of flexibility, scalability, cost and performance of IT infrastructure, to which we must also add the strengthening of security. Whether migrating or continuing the transformation, the objectives can be diverse: modernize the infrastructure, migrate applications, control or reduce costs, automate administrative tasks or the delivery and deployment pipe (CI/CD).
Moving to the cloud impacts an organization on different levels: strategy, culture, tools, processes. A successful transformation involves intervening on all these aspects, depending on the maturity and progress of the project. In addition, it is also essential to optimize the costs associated with the consumption of cloud services according to the actual use of resources, by seeking the most economically advantageous solutions through the adoption of a FinOps approach.

We guide you through the available SaaS, Paas or IaaS solutions, best practices and available products that exist with hyperscale cloud service providers.

We help you improve existing and future environments and release cycles with support, testing, innovation and dynamic reporting.

We provision, maintain, monitor and automate your cloud environments and software deployments for you as a service, all while keeping cost and scalability into account.

We help you gain business advantage with modern app development built for the cloud. Also known as cloud native development and practices.

By helping you in development, execution and governance of integration flows. Connecting any combination of on premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications and data.

Our upskilling & reskilling training academy provides hands-on labs and test skills with quizzes and learning paths for all things DevOPS and Cloud. We collaborate with exam centers for certification.

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