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Digitalization is accelerating rapidly. We help you to stay ahead of the pack with future-proof technology solutions that ensure stability, scalability and agility.

Digital solutions development.

To keep in step with the digital revolution, companies are reinventing their service offerings and ways of working. Providing a digital experience that matches expectations involves a thorough analysis of potential use cases to support the adoption of innovative technologies.

Technique Africa  engineers design and implement tailor-made solutions to deliver a digital experience that is fluid, omnichannel, cost-effective and optimised.

User experience.

For any digital product to be a success, a good user experience is necessary. The user journey should be full of context, with products and services on offer that are easy to find and a pleasure to use. To satisfy customers in this way requires a deep understanding of the real needs of users, in order to develop a user-centric design.

Our experts provide guidance throughout the entire product development lifecycle, building and improving user interfaces to ensure the best possible user experience.

AI & Big data applications.

Big data and AI help better understanding complex phenomena, making better informed decisions and intelligently automating processes. These technologies leverage the use of very large sets of data. 

Technique Africa brings expertise in the data chain, advanced analysis applications and in building intelligent, adaptable systems that help clients meet their objectives.

Devops & cloud solutions.

Digitization requires an overhaul of IT infrastructure to enable the delivery of applications and services at high speed with predictable maintenance. Cloud solutions and the DevOps way of working are essential foundations when going down this path.

We provide clients with the tools and techniques needed to make their IT environment more agile, flexible, scalable and secure.

System integration.

For automated processes to be reliable and efficient, they must rely on components that talk to each other, with perfectly synchronised workflows. This requires expert use and integration of APIs and software products.

This is where we can help. We help clients integrate and deploy entire digital ecosystems, with interdependent processes and shared data, in a completely transparent manner.