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We are partnering with banks companies to select the appropriate technological options, within a context of increased competition.

Our vision of the sector.

Although big banks are announcing record results, the sector is nonetheless confidently preparing for the return of inflation and facing the constraints of the war in Europe. The health crisis is behind us, and allowed institutions to demonstrate their stability and ability to effectively support the economy with an EMP system that has proved to be well-controlled in terms of default risks. 

For all players in the sector, the move towards digitalisation is clear and accelerating. A new horizon is looming with the diversification of services into non-traditional professions, such as car leasing. The arrival of new FinTech companies is boosting innovation and the creation of highly-targeted disruptive services that are easy to access and use, in particular payment or cash transfer solutions.

This increasingly systemic and connected sector is also at the forefront of the fight against cybercrime and the protection of digital assets. 

The bank-finance sector has already made huge investments and can expect to see encouraging short and medium-term development opportunities.

“ The banking-finance sector will see significant growth and increased digitalisation in the coming years.  Banking-finance organisations will be able to diversify and provide new services other than traditional financial services. There is still a long way to go, as AI, blockchain and RPA are still in their infancy, and numerous innovations have just arrived on the market. “

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